Juozas Zenkevicius is an illustrator currently operating from Mississauga, Ontario. While working primarily through a variety of digital tools, he bases his techniques on a foundation of over two decades of traditional art education. 

From a young age he's been scribbling skeletons in sketchbooks, doodling dinosaurs in agendas, and making up mysterious worlds (populated with tentacle monsters).  This passion is what led him to pursuing a career in the discipline of creating awe-inspiring and evocative images. 
His works cultivate distinct atmospheres and narratives with bizarre subject matter, layered textures and brush strokes, usage of extreme contrast and lighting, and eccentric color palettes.

Juozas is influenced by a myriad of different works across all varieties of media, but primarily concept artists, illustrators, music, and film.

His scribblings have appeared so far on multiple album covers, T-Shirts, tattoo designs, and all manner of postcards and custom books. He's hung art on the walls of satisfied clients,  interned at animation studios, and put images on all manner of brochures and logos. All before attaining his BAA in Illustration from Sheridan College.   

Also, call him Joe. It makes life easier for everyone.


Contact and Social Media


Email- jzenkevicius@outlook.com

Facebook- Art of Juozas Zenk

Instagram- brother_cabbage